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Siren Arts

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When vigilante mermaids organize...things happen!

Siren Arts was organized in 2013 to create a container for a specific kind of performance practice that stands in relationship to the larger interdisciplinary study and activism around issues of the planetary climate crisis.  Siren Arts founder, performer, writer and arts organizer Elizabeth Doud has focused on a multi-year effort to develop performing arts events and activities as research about how we create theatrical narratives in the Anthropocene age. Siren Arts also explores artists’ roles are in the larger movement for climate change awareness and environmental justice, and looks at ways to leverage the performing arts towards positive social change.

Siren Arts has received support from the Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs to develop site specific eco-theater projects, and workshops in Miami, which have been offered free to community.  We also work in collaboration with non-arts organizations to further the impact of non-arts educational and organizing initiatives.

In 2017, Siren Arts received a Community Grant to produce Eco-Theater Labs with Superhero Clubhouse in collaboration with FIU's Eco-Humanities Initiative, and as part of Climakaze Miami 2017.  We hope to bring Superhero Clubhouse back to Miami for more interdisciplinary community dialogue and play in the future.  Siren Arts has also been named as a Knight Arts Challenge Miami 2017 Finalist for a new Vigilante Mermaid Pop Up Theater Project...coming to a beach, parking lot or park near you soon!