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About Siren Arts

Siren Arts was organized in 2013 to create a container for a specific kind of performance practice that stands in relationship to the larger interdisciplinary study and activism around issues of the planetary climate crisis.  Siren Arts explores artists’ roles are in the larger movement for climate change awareness and environmental justice, and looks at ways to leverage the performing arts towards positive social change.  We also want to make some kick ass performance.


Siren Jones is a virtual meditation on the ways that mermaids and descendants of mermaids are confronting the phenomena of extinction, our massive pathological single use consumption, and the seemingly irreversible dilemma of massive plastics pollution in our planet’s oceans.  We do this from a perspective of radical eco-feminist sea beings that are straight up sick of patriarchy, racist and homophobic myths (read lack of biodiversity), and the failed capitalist experiment.

This effort looks at performance as a dialogic tool, and poetic resource for information exchange around diverse issues of environmental collapse, climate change and the causal cycles of resource extraction economies, poverty, unchecked consumer privilege and the resulting and inevitable need for individual and collective activism stewardship of rapidly dissipating resources, climate stabilizing green spaces, and threatened climate justice planet-wide.

Siren Jones is also a mermaid descendant.  Like a lot of tree-hugging hippie kids, she was born by the Pacific, and that natal-tidal waist belt keeps the keel of her hips ever listing towards the west, even though she lives like a mangrove root latched to the Florida peninsula.  Because of her heritage, she spent her formative years canoeing on Puget Sound, cutting her finger tips on clam digs, and sucking into her mouth the French kisses of a raw oysters shucked with a stolen hunting knife.  She takes her relationship to all sea creatures respectfully not-for-granted and understands that her bones were formed by their mineral meat, and that sea brine flows through her veins.  In all of our veins. The ocean—our ocean—is our planet’s amniotic fluid, it is mother-goddess of all all.  

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